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attain your best,

most youthful look. 

Our mission is to keep your skin looking youthful and beautiful.

We are proud to formulate products with natural and plant-based ingredients including "Active" compounds which minimize wrinkles, improve cellular renewal, deeply hydrate, firm and strengthen the skins natural moisture barrier. Take action to correct and improve your skin and look your very best. 


You deserve it.


Our most unique actives are derived from plant-based extracts  produced by Rahn AG, a renowned Swiss family-owned business researching and supplying active ingredients for the cosmetic industry for over 50 years. MYRAMAZE® and PROTEOLEA® are two of Rahn's exceptional products.  Click on the underlined links to read more about Rahn AG and their research and scientifically confirmed effects of these active components you will find in our unique formulas.  You will not be disappointed.  We guarantee it.


An oasis of well being for desert-like skin

In the desert environment of southern Africa, a fragrant plant called Myrothamnus Flabellifolia thrives in spite of the extreme hot and dry conditions. Known as the resurrection plant, it has the ability to survive long periods of drought in a completely desiccated state; but with the first drops of rain it goes through a resurrection-like process and is alive and green again within a day. Extract from this amazing plant, MYRAMAZE®, mimics that restoration effect on our skin delivering deep hydration and other protective substances.

MYRAMAZE® rehydrates and regenerates stressed skin and invigorates the skin for more than 48 hours. These are scientifically confirmed effects. 


Look years younger in weeks

The primary active ingredients found in PROTEOLEA® are extracted from natural plants such as the olive leaf and jujubes (Dates). These properties combine to decelerate the visible affects of cellular skin aging. Regular use of our products including this active ingredient generate obvious benefits to the skin. 

PROTEOLA® helps promote skin hydration, build renewal of skin cells, improves fine lines and wrinkles and enhances overall skin 


In-vivo studies have shown a rejuvenation of the eye area by 6 years within 4 weeks.

The skin's anti-oxidative defense system is strengthened, and natural recycling process of skin cells is improved.  

PROTEOLEA® perceivably counteracts the signs of aging.