I've been using these products for about a year now, and I really, really love them.  Not only do I feel better about the way my skin looks, I get compliments all the time.  Hooray!

               - MS in San Diego

Do NOT have words.  The Supreme Eye Serum is magic.  Best ever. Thank you!

              - CW in Oklahoma

I love this stuff.  Honestly, it really makes a difference, and I am hooked.  Totally recommend it.

               - GS in Dallas.  

I never do testimonials, but this stuff is amazing.  Everyone should try it.

               - DB in Ohio

I had some elective surgery done on my face and left the doctor's office with some of his medicinal cream which I needed to apply every day for two weeks.  I cannot tell you how much I longed for my Jayne Randolph moisturizers and serum during that time and how happy I was to begin using again as soon as I could.  These products not only make my face feel pampered, I see the results and will not be without it!

               -AH in Dallas

During the holidays we hosted a dinner party for 12 couples.  I purchased 12 JRSC Sample Collection Boxes in the darling Christmas Gift Bags and gave one to all the ladies as a party gift.  What a huge success! It was such a lovely and unique gift and was appreciated by all.  Furthermore, I've already had a few calls from guests who are loving their new skin care products and want to purchase more.  Just wanted to share my great idea! 

               - JS in Dallas 

During the last four months I have been faithfully using the three major Jayne Randolph Skin Care products -- the daytime Light & Lush Moisturizer, Maximum Moisturizer, and Supreme Eye Serum.  My skin feels so smooth and supple, whether it's after I apply the product or after washing my face.  The products feel light and not oily.  You don't have to use much to have it cover, so a little goes a long way.  I do feel my skin looks and feels better than before by using the Jayne Randolph Skin Care products and would recommend that you give them a try.

              - NL in Arkansas 

The eye serum is amazing -- It hides my late night work marathons like a champ!

              - BB in Houston

I could have written a positive review within the very first week of using Jayne Randolph skin care products. The results were noticeable immediately, and my skin is not only looking younger with fine lines disappearing but the texture of my skin is actually getting better. The Supreme Eye Serum is the best eye product I have ever used in all of my 60 years - and I have tried a lot of them! The accurately named Light and Lush Daytime Moisturizer is just that - Light and Lush - and it is perfect for daytime use. Effective without being heavy or greasy. And as much as I love both of those products, the Maximum Moisturizer is my favorite. The results of this rich, velvety moisturizer are immediate. I never thought I would find a moisturizing cream that I loved more than the one I had used for years and years until now, and it is at half the cost. I highly recommend all of the Jayne Randolph skincare products. Spectacular value!

               - SS in Dallas

I have had the pleasure of testing and using the Maximum Moisturizer product for a couple of years now and absolutely love it!  My skin is so smooth and wrinkle free.  People comment on how I look so young, and my skin is so young looking  -  I don't look my age!  I have stopped using the Lancome product and use this exclusively on my face, and what a difference it makes.

Thank you!

               - NK in Nevada

I volunteered to be a tester for Jayne Randolph Skin Care during the last few years of their research and trials.  I can honestly say I absolutely LOVE everything! I have tried many skin care products over the years....LANCOME, CLINIQUE, BEAUTICONTROL, OBAGI, CERAVE, and on and on, but I have never had the positive results that I have experienced with JRSC.  Three things I NEVER want to be without are Maximum Moisturizer, Supreme Eye Serum, and Light & Lush Daytime Moisturizer.  The very light scent and texture of these products is dreamy.  I urge everyone to try them. And their pricing compared to department store and even drug store products makes it a no-brainer!

               - JGS in New Hampshire

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